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Raison d’être

To use ART as a tool for disadvantaged children and communities to express themselves; to transform and transcend their environment.

A colourful wall mural, a simple little painting on the wall, a communal playground with art randomly placed, a painted post box or dustbin can bring smiles and a sense of ownership to the children and adults who crafted them. Art empowers them emotionally and gives them an useful craft or skill. Plus it’s fun!

Note: This is a non-religious and non-official organisation. I (Li Li Tan) do this on my own on an ad-hoc basis with the help of friends sometimes. I believe in giving everyone, especially children, a voice through art regardless of ethnicity/religious or political backgrounds. For regular updates, please check my ArtSpeak blog here and ArtSpeak FB page.

“Sometimes simply giving someone the chance to explore for themselves what they have inside, is worth far more than hours of instruction.”

~ John Cope, the late Director of Stratton ABC Foundation.

Lots of Colour!

On Nov 18 - 19 2013, ArtSpeak spent 2 fun and colourful days painting 7 murals with the very talented migrant children of Schools of Hope, Nong Ook (Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai) with a lot of help and sponsorship of…

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KHF Book

The first print run of the book (in English) that I illustrated for Kids Home Foundation's Founder/Director, Magalic Du Parc Crosta, who wrote the story is now ready! More updates here and on their website on how to get a…

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Stratton ABC Foundation child doing her part in art installation

Spontaneous Art Installation

Watch the youtube video below for a spontaneous art installation with the children of Stratton ABC Foundation. Great fun! The T-shirt is up for auction. The money will go directly to Stratton. You may also wish to consider donating the…

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Sanmapahon Reception Home for the Homeless, Mae Teng

ArtSpeak's next project (late April/early May) at Sanmapahon Reception Home for the Homeless will focus on jewellery-making as requested by the residents there. Some of our friends have made some donations. Thanks all!

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Paintings Sold to Fund Projects

My water-soluble pencil drawings of Nepal and Tibet were sold to Ms Dionne Chin. 10% of the sale went to support the work of Magical Light Foundation, Chiang Mai. The rest of the money will be spent on materials for this…

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Volunteers For Kids Home Project

Smile Holidays Project (7-18 Oct 2013) Kids Home Foundation in Chiang Mai looking for locally0based Thai & Thai-speaking volunteers (see ad in Thai). They will happy to consider international volunteers with specific skills eg. artists and English teachers. Contact…

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Signboard for KHF Flying Library

Finished the sign board for Kids Home Foundation, Chiang Mai's Flring Library, a mobile library that brings Thai and English books to migrant children living in construction camps around Chiang Mai.

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Donate to KHF, Get A Free Bag

Kids Home Foundation Cloth Bags A handmade bag featuring a mosquito that I ( drew for Kids Home Foundation will be given away for a minimum of 500baht donation to the Foundation (contact: Marie at Please visit their website…

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Children’s Book for Fundraising

Sorry, have been busy these last few months working on a children's book written by the Director of Kids Home Foundation to raise awareness of, and funds for their work in Thailand. Have been unable to work on other projects.…

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End Of Smile Holidays Project

Thank you! Today was ArtSpeak's last day at Kids Home Foundation Smile Holidays Project. Needless to say, it was an emotional time for us volunteers. It has been a lot of fun working with the children who attended the classes.…

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Photos by Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant not only helped ArtSpeak with the painting project on 17 Dec at Hilltribe In The City* but also took some cool photos as well. Thanks Kimberly! [jj-ngg-jquery-slider gallery="7" width="500" height="375" center="1" disablecaptions="1" timed="false"]   NOTE (13 MAY 2012):…

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Just a little update: will be painting with the children from Mother Josefa Alzua Home in Mae Sot (Thailand) with the help of friends from Youth Connect/Puzzlebox and Borderline Collective. Watch this space or go to our FB page for…

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This Post Has 10 Comments
  1. Hi Li Li,

    I found this link also looking for ad hoc volunteering opportunities in the Chaing Mai area as I plan to be here long term. I have contacted the charities above and am waiting for a response but in the meantime do you know of any other charities that I can help with, especially any helping the hill tribe people. I know there is the Karen Hill Tribe Trust but they are looking for a minimum of a 3 months stay and I can only help in between studying and, hopefully, working. I wondered if there are any charities helping with teaching English to the adult population of the hill tribes, also helping with computer literacy. As I have some Karen friends I see this as one thing that they want and can help them with their futures.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. hi
    great work ! Lili 🙂

    i want to start the artspeak in india . want your support and more over i want the suggestions and i want to make the organisation world wide . i want your permission and support . More over i am running an organization named “Smiles -1for1” for helping starving children in local places and also to help the old people .

    1. Hi Hermine

      Thanks for writing in. Right now, I don’t have any major projects that require any volunteers. You may wish to google and get in touch with Stratton ABC Foundation, Kids Home Foundation, Thai Freedom House etc in Chiang Mai.

      Good luck. Let me know if you need more names of organizations here.

      Best regards
      Li Li (

  3. thank you so much for bringing so much colour into so many lives. EFT Thailand would like to know more about you and what you do and where……..

    1. Hi Jas

      Really sorry for this very late reply. I am based in Chiang Mai and work with different homes/foundations/organizations on an adhoc basis to brighten their environment or to conduct short art workshops.

      Thank you
      Li Li

  4. We can not thank you enough for your inspirational work here at Stratton house that has helped to brighten our environment, our lives and our souls.

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