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Help Wanted For New Project!

Volunteers And Art Materials Needed

for Upcoming Project in Chiang Mai between March & April 2012

ArtSpeak working with children from Hilltribe In The City with volunteers: working with children from Hilltribe In The City (previous project). Photo by Stu. is planning a series of creative activities for Kids Home Foundation (Chiang Mai) during the Thai schools’ 1-month summer holidays (tentatively bewteen 22 Mar – 22 Apr, exact dates to be confirmed). This is for their Smile Holidays Project to keep approximately 30 migrant children gainfully occupied during their school holidays. What better way than to have fun with art?

Details about exact dates/times/place (probably school premises at Wat Jed Yod, Superhighway, not far from Nimmanhaemin Road/Huay Kaew Road). Details are being worked out but I would like to first share some thoughts on what the project may need and how you can contribute:

a. Activities once or twice a week during that period (between 9 – 5pm) 

– painting on cards/small canvases/glass bottles (portable, simple, not too time-consuming for children with short attention spans);

– origami crane making (there is now one volunteer, more are welcome);

– making clay figures

– t-shirt painting

– making costume jewellery or other ‘simple’ handicraft

– may also have a magic show by a friend at some point.

We don’t have to do all activities at once in a day; we can rotate them within the month within the day. Each activity can be in blocks of 1 – 2 hours (more or less) throughout the day. Flexible hours/time: to be worked out with volunteers.

b. What we need

Volunteers for the activities above or anyone with some creative ability to teach drawing/painting/sculpting/origami and so on (suggestions are welcome!) AND/OR anyone with time on their hands and want to work (and play) with children for a while. You don’t have to be an artist to help; just need people with a little free time, commitment, passion and the will to help underprivileged children have some creative fun.

Art materials such as

fabric paint, clay, acrylic paint, watercolours, colourful paper, small canvases or hard matte cards/paper (eg. 15cm x 10cm or slightly bigger), drawing paper, jam/coffee/glass bottles that can be recycled as vases/colourful coin containers etc (anything imaginative!), paint brushes (various sizes), plain t-shirts, colour pencils etc (they don’t have to be new; just in good condition and useable).

If you can help in any way, please contact me here. Do check our FB page for updates too. A BIG THANK YOU!!

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  1. Sawasde ka Lili, Welcome back to Chiang Mai I am glad to heard from you about the Art project. I would love to give hands. My little problem is i have holiday with my boyfriend between 29th, March- 18Th, April. I wonder is it possible to know the exact date for the project that I can arrange.Otherwise at least I would like to supply some materials. Bye for now hear from you,soon.

    1. Sawasdee ka K. Jo! Thank you for your email. The dates of the project is now March 26 – May 11, inclusively. Closed for Songkran: April 13-16, Will welcome any materials donation and help when you can! Am working out the schedule now (but need approval from Kids Home Foundation first). Will stay in touch. Thanks so much!

  2. This looks fantastic!

    I’m coming to CM in March but need to get settled in before involving myself into anything (not least because I don’t yet know where I’ll be living)! I may be able to help out sometime in April if you will still need people, and providing I can get a bus/taxi/ride to your venue.

    I don’t currently speak Thai – would this be a problem? I tend to pick up languages quite quickly though! I taught primary-age children in the UK for 13 years, so am very used to working with youngsters. I’m not a fantastic artist by any stretch of the imagination but I can turn my hand to most things! If you would like some examples of some of the things I do/have done:

    Hope to hear from you, and I hope to be able to volunteer with you!

  3. How about painting on small tiles? A street mural in Santa Cruz, California in 2000 was done in that way. The big thing is to get the tiles and painting donated by a local factory, and get the City Hall involved to get a street wall to finish the project. Sound too complicated? Everything is possible!
    Look on That project was done in Cuba in 2003 and 2005 for a group of people like yours.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Sam! Will consider this for future projects. Unfortunately in this case, the premises are rented (as are many here in Chiang Mai) and the landlords do not usually want any changes/additions to their walls but we will figure something out :-). Have a fun idea in mind and details are being worked out. Thanks for your support!

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