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Materials Needed for Next Project’s next art activity will be at Stratton ABC Foundation (one weekend on the 3rd or 4th week of May 2012). I will be teaching the children there how to make papier mache sculptures and if there is time, to continue painting more walls murals. It would be great is anyone wants to help out or to contribute the following materials:

  • Wall paint (white and other colours)
  • Acrylic paint (in tubs of 250 – 500ml; in tubes or 2 – 3 boxes) & varnish for protecting the artwork (3 small bottles or spray cans)
  • Masking tape (8 – 10 rolls)
  • Old newspapers and cardboard boxes
  • Drawing paper/blocks (A4 – A3 sized)
  • White glue (2 big bottles)
  • White flour (about 2kg)
  • Old and used paintbrushes (for artwork and for walls), pails

Please contact Li Li via our contact form or via our FB page.

If you wish to help the Foundation in other ways (their permanent facility fund raising, re-cycle project etc), please click here for more information on volunteering/donations.


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  1. My friend and I would like to be volunteers for two weeks on our summer vocation.Shall we allowed?
    we will arrive on Aug. 2.Please tell us soon.Thankyou very much!

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