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Mural Painting with Stratton ABC Foundation

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

Child painting wall. Project by

Working with the talented children of Stratton ABC Foundation at the end of 2010

I believe in freeing the children to express themselves once we have all agreed on a theme for the wall. This is their wall; it is their creation. I am just the facilitator.

I am proud to say that the children has since gone on to paint many murals of their own which is ultimately what I hope they will continue to do and to share with their friends and community.

Thanks to John Cope, Director of Stratton ABC Foundation and the children for allowing me to paint with them.

If you wish to contribute or volunteer at Stratton, please check their website for details:

ArtSpeak painting a wall mural with children in Chiang Mai Stratton ABC children painting wall at their home in Chiang Mai.
Stratton ABC boy painting wall at Stratton home in Chiang Mai. Bright colours for a wall painting Happy children painting colourful wall mural with ArtSpeak
All hands on deck painting wall at Stratton ABC with ArtSpeak Wall mural painting project by



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