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Paintings Sold to Fund Projects

Water-soluble drawings by Sinapore artist Li Li Tansold

My water-soluble pencil drawings of Nepal and Tibet were sold to Ms Dionne Chin. 10% of the sale went to support the work of Magical Light Foundation, Chiang Mai. The rest of the money will be spent on materials for this month’s ArtSpeak’s mural painting with migrant children at Hle Bee Primary School (funded by donors) and workshop with Mae Sot Blind Center, both in Mae Sot. More information on the Blind Center here in Bangkok Post. If you wish to donate any useful materials, mosquito nets and the like, I can help bring them to Mae Sot (email: 1717li2@gmail,com) or please contact Hle Bee School via Global School Partnership and the Blind Center via Facebook directly.

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