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Update: Art workshops with Stratton children Workshops:
1. Photography conducted by Kimberly Bryant
2. Art & craft by K. Poon (pctured above with children)

With the children of Stratton ABC Foundation, Saraphi (Chiang Mai)
Date: 21 July 10.30am onwards

So happy and thankful to all our ArtSpeak friends (Kim, Poon and Nicole) for volunteering to help. Many many thanks to Anthony Biddlecombe. Areerat Kaewkla, Yoga Tree and Green Papaya Sangha for your donations to top up the money from Now we have a total of 2700baht to buy some disposable cameras (like the Fuji one above) and hopefully have some money left for printing. If not, we will find a way somehow (maybe someone has a darkroom?). We are happy to accept donations in kind (re-usable materials fro craft making; paint; loose bits of fabric etc). Contact Li Li.

Isn’t it wonderful when a community of people (many of whom are strangers to each other) come together in some way to help others in need? Any act of kindness however small goes a long way. Smile and have a nice day!

Note: See also our FB page for regular updates.


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